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Big Cats in Crisis

Five lions need evacuating from war-torn Ukraine.

Big Cats in Crisis

The Big Cat Sanctuary’s “Big Cats in Crisis” campaign aims to provide a forever home for five African lions currently housed at Wildlife Animal Rescue (WAR) in Kyiv, Ukraine. There are four lionesses named Vanda, Amani, Lira and Yuna and one male lion called Rori who the Sanctuary looks to bring to their site in Smarden, Kent. We must raise urgent funds to build a rescue centre and safely transport the lions to the UK. Alongside IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), we plan to evacuate the lions quickly.

Donating today can help fund their transportation cost, keep them fed and warm and build them a brand-new rescue centre specially designed for their needs.

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The Big Cat Sanctuary is set in the heart of the countryside at Smarden, near Ashford in Kent.

The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent is a centre dedicated to the conservation of wild cats, with the objectives of welfare, breeding, education and conservation. The initiatives undertaken are a vital part in saving some of the planet’s most endangered and iconic species from extinction. 

The Sanctuary is proud to have contributed to the accredited global breeding programmes as well as donating to in-situ conservation projects. The centre offers personal big cat experiences including overnight stays, afternoon teas, photography workshops, ranger days and educational tours.

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