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Maya's Story

Maya was just five days old when she came to The Big Cat Sanctuary. Her mother was unable to feed and tend to her needs and within a few days of birth Maya had symptoms of severe dehydration and weakness.

This was just the beginning of what would be “Maya’s Story” which is featured in a BBC2’s Big Cats About the House! As you can see in the programme she has been hand-reared and has made tremendous progress. She is an intelligent, confident and affectionate little character who is getting bigger and stronger every day. Her favourite food is venison and her most enjoyed activity is playing hide and seek.

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Willow's Story

Willow is a young cheetah. She came to us because we have a good relationship with the wildlife park where she was born. In the wild, cheetahs are rapidly running into trouble and year on year we are seeing their numbers fall due to conflict with people and the illegal wildlife trade.

Willow is now living in a large cheetah enclosure at the sanctuary and she’s a welcome addition to our other cheetahs. It’s very normal when a young animal is moved for them to feel nervous but Willow is very happy here, especially when playing with her fluffy toys. Hopefully, having a bright and spirited cheetah at our sanctuary will allow people to see that they are a species worth fighting for.

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