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Corporate Partnerships

Forming long term and sustainable partnerships with like-minded organisations is at the heart of The Big Cat Sanctuary’s strategy for success.

As one of our corporate partners, you’ll become part of The Big Cat Sanctuary family.

As one of our corporate partners, you’ll become part of the Big Cat Sanctuary family, joining existing companies that range from local and regional firms to national and global organisations. 

All our family members get the same opportunities to work together with us on projects that can raise funds & awareness and give volunteer time & resources that help the sanctuary achieve its aims.

Team Builds Business Meetings

Something for everyone

From major sponsorship programmes to volunteer team builds on site there are opportunities for joint fundraising, PR, staff engagement and tangible benefits from a sustainable long-term partnership.   

We can also offer our corporate partners a unique environment for business meetings, PR and other activities at the Sanctuary itself.  With over 30 acres of land, around 40 big and small cats on site and dedicated meeting and events facilities in our Founders’ Lodge and ARC building we can offer a venue with real difference!

Team Builds Business Meetings

Case Study

We have partnered up with DS TECHEETAH.

To help raise awareness and funds to focus on our vital work in the welfare, breeding, education and conservation of big cats around the globe. We are honoured to work with DS TECHEETAH and grateful for the support they will provide to our resident’s cats and their cousins in the wild.

“We’re incredibly proud to partner with The Big Cat Sanctuary. Giles Clark and his team are working tirelessly in support of big cat and cheetah conservation. When we came across their work we immediately wanted to be involved. Giles became a household name in the UK after the BBC documentary series aired, Big Cats About the House gained around 2 million viewers per episode and a staggering 33 million views of one online clip alone. But it’s the work that Giles and the team do behind the scenes that is the most impressive. So far they have successfully bred the Amur leopard which is the world’s most endangered big cat, with around 100 remaining in the wild globally, also Sumatran tigers, Amur tigers, jaguars, snow leopards, Pallas’s cats and of course cheetahs. Not only is this a great opportunity for us to help raise awareness and funds for the Sanctuary, but it’s also a way for us to display why we are racing in Formula E.

Wild cats are extremely threatened due to many different factors, the universal one is the loss of habitat, but also hunting, loss of prey and human:wildlife conflict. All these alongside the global threat to ecosystems created by climate change.  DS TECHEETAH are contributing to the fight to halt climate change by excelling in the development of electric vehicles and driving innovation through the automotive industry.  This will help to secure less carbon dioxide emissions and make large impact in protecting the natural world.”

“As part of the partnership the team at DS TECHEETAH adopted Willow, the cheetah cub and donated a percentage of our merchandise sales to The Big Cat Sanctuary.  Together with our partners, we will host various events to help raise the profile and awareness of the work they do further. The whole team are hugely passionate about this project and we want to encourage the whole paddock and the wider Formula E family to get involved,”

said DS TECHEETAH Chief Commercial Officer, Keith Smout.

The Big Cat Sanctuary’s Director of Cats and Conservation, Giles Clark had this to say

“We are delighted to be partnering with DS TECHEETAH. Climate change is one of the bigger threats for the planet at the moment and we are excited to help the Team achieve its goals of highlighting this issue and tackling the issue of cheetah conservation through the support of practical and holistic in-situ projects and our welfare, breeding and education programmes. The team and the championship offer a new audience for us and has opened doors in new areas for us and we’re so excited to see where this partnership will take us as our goals align perfectly.”

Spencer Phillips, Chairman of the BCS Fundraising Board added

“Our mission at the Sanctuary is to assist in the conversation of the world’s endangered cats, to preserve breeding integrity and assist in the return of big cats to the wild wherever possible. To do so, we need a large support network around us and we’re incredibly excited that the team will be part of that.

It is also very exciting that the team has chosen to name their DS E-Tense FE19 race cars after our cheetahs, Bajrami, Martin and Keene as well as Bajrami’s daughter Willow. Willow featured in the BBC series Big Cats About The House and won the hearts of so many as a cub. Willow aslo represents the future of cheetah which is now Africa’s most endangered cat, so for us as she plays a crucial role in our conservation ambitions, it’s a really nice link between us and the race team.”