The Big Cat Sanctuary

Protection is our Passion

The Big Cat Sanctuary

The Big Cat Sanctuary is a registered animal charity whose aim is to contribute to global conservation

We endeavour to provide peace and tranquility, combined with habitats tailored to house different species of cats providing the best possible lives in captivity. Breeding is by recommendation and part of the accredited co-ordinated breeding programmes helping to maintain genetic diversity of the captive populations of these endangered and iconic cats.


Vision & Mission Statements

Our Vision


The Sanctuary’s vision is to be a leading animal charity supporting the conservation of wild cats as well as promoting the importance of biodiversity and the role cats play in maintaining balance in ecosystems around the world.

Our Mission

The Big Cat Sanctuary is a UK based charity established to conserve wild cats globally. This is achieved through developing and supporting partnerships with other conservation organisations and co-ordinating with breeding programmes of these endangered cats and by fulfilling our four pillars of ethos: Welfare, Breeding, Education and Conservation.


Achieving the Mission

The Big Cat Sanctuary will achieve its mission by:

  • Fulfilling our four pillars of ethos and supporting conservation initiatives around the globe.
  • Delivering an education programme that promotes the importance of bio-diversity in our natural world and the role top predators play in maintaining balance in our ecosystems.