Vision & Mission

The Big Cat Sanctuary’s Vision & Mission Statements

Our vision statement:

To assist in the conservation of the world’s endangered big cats

To preserve breeding integrity

To assist the return of big cats to the wild wherever possible

Our mission statement:

To be recognised and respected as being a centre of excellence for endangered big cats

The Big Cat Sanctuary will achieve its mission by:

Operating a centre of excellence in Kent, dedicated to the captive breeding of endangered big cats within the European Endangered Species Programmes (EEP) with the eventual aim of providing animals for scientifically based re-introduction projects.

Promotion and funding of field conservation projects. As the financial strength of the organisation increases, The Big Cat Sanctuary will become involved in field work in these areas of the world that still have endangered wild cat populations

Providing a research base for people interested in the study of big cats in captivity

Delivering an education programme that promotes the importance of bio-diversity and the role of the top predators to all our visitors

Joining together like minded people for the benefit of endangered species

Linking with organisations worldwide that have similar aims and objectives as The Big Cat Sanctuary.