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Interesting facts about Jack

  • Jungle Cats are from Egypt, the Middle East, across southern Asia into South East Asia. Jungle cats are actually found in wetlands, swamps and grasslands.
  • Jungle cats prefer to hunt along reed beds for small mammals and birds.
  • Mating can occur in February/March or October. After a gestation period of around 65 days, up to six kittens are born.
  • Jungle cats, along with African wildcats and domestic cats, were mummified by the Ancient Egyptians.

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Jack the Jungle Cat is from Belgium.

Jack came to WHF, The Big Cat Sanctuary from Olmense Zoo, in Belgium, at only ten months old and without a name. It was a very cold winters day, leading to the name Jack (Frost!)

Being away from both his home and his mum, Jack took a while to settle in; initially he was very hesitant to come out of the comfort of his bedroom. With some coaxing by keepers, he is now relatively confident and will often take part in photographic days.

Despite the species typically favouring wet habitat, Jack is not a fan of the rain and will rarely be seen on wet days!

At present he is the only Jungle cat within a zoological collection in the UK.  Hopefully in the future, expansion will allow us to bring in a companion for breeding purposes.

IUCN Red List Category Least Concern(LC)

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