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Interesting facts about Keira

  • Keira was born on 2nd April 2017 to parent Kedera and Kamal at Paradise Wildlife Park.
  • She was a litter of one and is quite small given that she did not have any siblings to compete with for food!
  • Keira was reared by her mother at Paradise Wildlife Park, dad - Kamal was introduced back with her when she was 14 months old so they could all share space and live as a family.
  • She arrived to The Big Cat Sanctuary in August 2019 as a recommended move as part of the breeding programme.
  • She is nimble and agile and enjoys the enrichment features in the Jaguar breeding centre where we hope she will raise cubs at some stage.
  • It didn't take long for Keira to fall for Neron, she is totally besotted with him and passes many hours cuddling up and grooming with him. They are the perfect Jaguar couple.

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