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Interesting facts about Neron

  • Neron was born at Artis Zoo in Amsterdam on 28th June 2017.
  • He arrived at The Big Cat Sanctuary in November 2018 as part of the co-ordinated breeding programme, we were over the moon to welcome him.
  • Neron is a melanistic jaguar where 1/10 are naturally found to be black in the wild. Melanism in jaguars is inherited by a dominant gene, which leads to a production of dark melanin in the coat.
  • Neron's character is quietly confident and he takes everything in his stride but at his own.
  • Neron first met Keira in December 2019 when they were introduced to share an enclosure.
  • Neron's markings are particularly stunning and visible, he is a magnificent specimen of a Jaguar.

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IUCN Red List Category Near Threatened(NT)

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