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Panthera Leo/LionEndangered

Interesting facts about Sahee

  • Sahee arrived along with partner Sonika at The Big Cat Sanctuary on March 3rd 2023 from Bristol Zoo
  • Sahee was born on 15th July 2016 in Le Pal Theme Park and Zoo in France
  • Sahee and Sonika are the first Asiatic lions to ever live at the Sanctuary
  • The couple are sharing the enclosure which is adjoining the welcome centre conservatory
  • Sahee was very brave on arrival at the Sanctuary, he was very quick to be outside exploring his new surroundings
  • Sahee weighs 174kg, he has a fabulous face full of character and is destined to be a photographer's dream!

Sahee's story

Sahee arrived with female Asiatic lioness Sonika in March 2023, they are currently a non-breeding pair. This fabulous couple are representing their species in captivity and we know they will be incredible ambassadors for the lesser known Asiatic lion sub-species.

This magnificent lion has already demonstrated true lion behaviour, he is bold, brave and protective of his partner Sonika.

The Sanctuary has high hopes for this awesome pair in the future.

About Asiatic lions

The Asiatic lion is also known as the Persian lion. It is a population of Panthera leo leo that survives only in the wild only in India. Since the turn of the 20th century, its range is known to be restricted to Gir National Park and the surrounding areas in the Indian state of Gujarat. This population has grown in recent years and is now heavily protected.
Historically their numbers are thought to have dwindled to as low as just a few dozen in the 1880s. Asiatic lions are listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List (vulnerable) and their population is now up to 523 per the census carried out in 2015.


IUCN Red List Category Endangered(EN)

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