Panthera onca/JaguarNear Threatened

Interesting facts about Sofia

  • Sofia was born at Rostock Zoo in Germany on 22nd May 2001.
  • She moved to Chester Zoo in the UK in 2002 to join breeding partner Salvador as a co-ordinated breeding programme recommendation.
  • However, Sofia and Salvador never managed to produce any cubs so after a few years Sofia was transferred to The Big Cat Sanctuary in May 2016.
  • Sofia lives in an enclosure adjoining Athena, the Sanctuary's most feisty Jaguar - but this doesn't phase her in the slightest!
  • She is an independent and spirited individual who is always quick to acknowledge people at her enclosure, usually with a little reminder that she is a JAGUAR!
  • Sofia is in fabulous shape, both physically and mentally, always responsive to enrichment, hand feeds and keen to make an appearance on photo days too.

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Sofia's story

Sofia was 15 years old when she arrived at The Big Cat Sanctuary, so effectively she retired here when it was decided it was time for her to take life in the slow lane. We were over the moon to welcome her to the Sanctuary to also give some neighbourly company to Athena at the same time as making enclosure space at Chester Zoo to accommodate a breeding pair.

Sometimes it is as important to make space for non-breeding cats as it is for breeding cats. It is only by working alongside other zoos that we can successfully contribute to the conservation of the captive Jaguar population.

Sofia is in exceptional shape for her age, she spends her days laying in the sunshine and loves to get extra meat on photography days. She is always keen to receive hand feeds which presents the opportunity to do a health check her.


IUCN Red List Category Near Threatened(NT)

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