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Donate to our Snow leopard cubs!

On Saturday 1st July, Laila gave birth to two beautiful snow leopard cubs. We are proud to announce that we have both, a boy and a girl. To differentiate between the two small cubs, they are nicknamed ‘Spot’ and ‘Stripe’ as the female cub has a long stripe running down her back.

The cubs will stay inside the den with Laila for around two months and take their first steps outside after being fully vaccinated. Our keeping team will be watching the two cubs closely, to ensure that they are growing strong and healthy.

You can help the Sanctuary take care of the two young snow leopard cubs, by donating towards their daily care, fresh bedding, veterinary costs, and food for Laila.

Doing so will also support in-situ conservation with our end-of-year donations to our partners, Snow Leopard Trust.

By donating, you will be helping us give our two snow leopard cubs the best care and attention possible.


Donate here

Help give Laila and her cubs nutritious meals so they can grow strong and healthy.

Donating will keep Laila and her cubs warm at night with lots of comfy bedding.

Make sure our cubs get the medicine and vaccinations they need.