Education - The Big Cat Sanctuary


The Big Cat Sanctuary is proud to run educational visits, aimed to suit students of all ages and abilities.

Educational Visits

Through workshops, tours and sensory experiences, students can learn all about the care of wild cats at the Sanctuary and the threats they face in the wild. Exploring issues such as climate change, deforestation and the illegal wildlife trade, pupils will discover how we as human beings have shaped our world and the habitats within it. We aim to educate and inspire students on both the negative impacts we are having on our planet and the animals that reside here, as well as the positive initiatives that have been introduced to protect Earth and its inhabitants. Environmental education helps to empower young people and fosters a sense of personal responsibility by encouraging them to ‘think global, act local’ in order to live more sustainably.

The Big Cat Sanctuary offers a range of onsite educational content as well as outreach sessions from our team of dedicated educators. We cater for all school year groups, including higher education institutions, and groups from voluntary and charitable organisations. All abilities and SEND are welcome. Each educational visit can be tailored to complement topics and learning objectives from the British National Curriculum and is enhanced by the use of presentations, wild cat artefacts, seized custom items, and meeting the cats themselves. There are 40 wild cat species across the world, 11 of which we currently have here at the sanctuary. We aim for everyone to leave excited and enthused about our cats, both big and small, and their conservation.

Please see below for the options available to educational groups. Visits both on and offsite are only offered Monday —Friday and are based on a first come, first served basis.