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Ensuring a future for cats big & small by educating generations to come and learn about our interdependence with animals and the ecosystem of planet earth.

New education programme

The Big Cat Sanctuary are proud to introduce our new education programme. We offer workshops, tours and outreach sessions from our team of educators to suit children and young adults of all ages and abilities. Each educational session is tailored to complement topics outlined in the National Curriculum and many include interactive activities.

Access to educational artefacts enhance sessions and we aim for everyone to leave excited and enthused about big cats and their conservation. We welcome visitors from all school year groups, higher education institutions, as well as mixed age groups from voluntary and charitable organisations e.g. Beavers, Cubs and Brownies.

Education Programme Outline

All education sessions will be available on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.

All Education options will include a tour of the site. A building will be required for the group; founders lodge and marque are both acceptable – preferably founders lodge for big cat workshops and higher education visits due to presentation needs.

(Education Options)

Primary and Secondary Schools

Tour Only (£12.50 per child – minimum price of £12.50 x 20 kids = £250)

Run one AM tour (10.45- 12.30) and one PM tour (13.15- 15.00).

Workshops must be blocked off.


Big Cat Workshop (17.50 per child – minimum price of £17.50 x 20 kids = £350)

Run one workshop a day (11.00- 14.00). Workshops and tours can NOT be run on the same day. Tour only option/ higher education option must be blocked off.


Option to add a goody bag for £2.50 per child – must be all for the whole class or none.

One adult may attend free of charge with every 6 paying children, any extras must pay a donation of £25.

(Education Options)

Higher Education

One option (£20 per student – minimum price of £20 x 10 students = £200)

Run one AM tour (10.45- 12.45) and one PM tour (13.15- 15.00).

Higher Education tours can NOT be run at the same time as a workshop. Also, a tour only session can NOT be booked in at the same time. Workshops must be blocked off.

One adult may attend free of charge with every 10 paying students, any extras must pay donation of £25.


Outreach sessions must not be booked through the system, must be coordinated with Maddie and Gemma.