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Buy a Gift Membership and give a friend or loved one the chance to Join the Big Cat Sanctuary Family and become part of the team. Choose from £6 / £8 / £10 or your own amount per month.


Join the Big Cat Sanctuary Family and become part of the Team dedicated to caring for and protecting these magnificent animals.

By becoming a Member you’ll be providing long-term support that will help care for and house our cats and contribute to global conservation work.

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Why become a member

  • Welfare
    Providing our cats with the best possible environments, enrichments & care to allow them to live long, happy & healthy lives.
  • Breeding
    Actively involved in the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme, adding more cubs & kittens to the planet.
  • Education
    Ensuring a future for cats big & small by educating generations to come about our interdependence with animals and the ecosystem of planet earth.
  • Conservation
    Making substantial contributions to global cat conservation projects at home and through trusted, regional based in-situ & ex-situ partners.

Membership benefits

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An Exclusive Pin Badge
Priority Booking for Events


Protection is our Passion

The Big Cat Sanctuary’s Apex Club is a new initiative that aims to bring together like-minded individuals who have a passion for big cats and conservation and principally offer them the chance to participate in exclusive & unique experiences at the sanctuary and abroad.

The funds raised from the clubs membership and these experiences will be used to support our trusted partners working on in-situ conservation projects worldwide and to drive our own Welfare, Breeding & Education projects.

£1,000 per year minimum donation to join

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Benefits to Joining The Apex Club

  • All normal membership benefits
  • Access to exclusive experiences including behind the scenes encounters and events not available to the general public
  • Exclusive private invite event at the sanctuary each year
  • 25% discount on bookings for all experiences
  • Half-yearly impact presentation at the Sanctuary and report on Big Cat Sanctuary work at home and abroad
  • Limited edition Members Card
  • Members limited to 100 people
  • Membership to Limelight Access –
  • Exclusive discounts for products and services through Limelight Access
  • £1,000 per year minimum donation to join