Higher Education Workshop Options - The Big Cat Sanctuary

Higher Education Workshop Options

Aimed at students 16 years old and above studying A-Levels, diplomas or degrees.

Aimed at students 16 years old and above studying A-Levels, diplomas or degrees. Higher Education sessions include a presentation from one of our educators and a guided tour of the sanctuary to meet our beautiful big cats. Higher Education visits last approximately 2 hours with morning and afternoon sessions available. Higher Education visits are priced at £20 per individual (pricing may vary for smaller groups). 1 adult may attend free of charge with every 10 students. Maximum group size is 35 students. Please contact us directly to discuss booking an educational visit. Workshops are only offered Monday —Friday and are based on a first come, first served basis. Call us on 01233 439150 or email education@thebigcatsanctuary.org.

Conservation In Action


Study the different big cat species and how threatened they are using our interactive IUCN red list game. Investigate the major threats to global big cat populations and learn why so many are endangered. Learn how big cats are being protected using Amur Leopards as a case study. Students can handle and look closely at replica skulls, claws and teeth to determine differences in big cat species. Seized customs items are also available for the students to investigate. Opportunities are given for questioning and discussions.

Big Cat Enrichment


Find out how we keep the residents of The Big Cat Sanctuary stimulated both mentally and physically using a range of environmental enrichment types. Throughout the session analyse enrichment types and how they benefit different big cat species. Using videos of the cats here at The Big Cat Sanctuary we will test your understanding of different enrichment categories, and then see some in action on our tour of the sanctuary!

The Role of Modern Zoos


Learn about the changes we have seen in zoos from entertainment institutions in the 19th century to the modern zoos of today. Look closer at what makes a modern zoo and the goals they strive to reach. Using the Big Cat Sanctuary as a case study we look at changes that have been made within the zoo industry and the key focuses of zoos today: education, recreation, research and conservation.

Zoo Careers


Learn about the different careers within a zoo and find out what skills, qualifications and experience you will need to succeed in one of these roles. Our day in the life of a zookeeper video then shows a behind the scenes look at what its really like the be a zoo keeper at The Big Cat Sanctuary. We finish off the session with a fun task several of our staff have been asked to complete in previous interviews, looking at your creative side!



Explore the big cat family tree and understand the relations between our big cat species. Students will take a close look into colour mutations in big cats– predicting the colour of our jaguar breeding pairs young! To finish we will discuss how captive breeding programmes work and The Big Cat Sanctuary’s breeding success to date- highlighting why these breeding programmes are vital in the conservation of endangered species.