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Join the APEX Club

Join the APEX Club

APEX is the Sanctuary’s most exclusive membership which is limited to a maximum of 100 members. Our aim is to deliver a closer insight into the care of our cats and our conservation strategies.

The funds raised from the APEX  membership and associated experiences will be used to support our trusted partners working on in-situ conservation projects worldwide and for our own welfare, breeding, education and conservation pillars.

£1,000 per year to join or £83 per month for 12 months.

Please email tanith@thebigcatsanctuary.org for more information

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APEX Benefits

Exclusive APEX pin badge and pack

Receive a detailed welcome pack including a unique APEX membership shield pin to proudly wear as an APEX member of The Big Cat Sanctuary as you are part of the most exclusive membership scheme

Attend big cat dental/veterinary days

Spend the day observing how dentistry work is carried out on our cats and see how other routine checks are done whilst the cats are under anaesthetic. This is an exclusive experience to get up really close to these iconic animals and see how dentistry is carried out on the biggest canines.

25% off two different experiences

25% off two different experiences (Excludes photography days/limited to one overnight big cat safari night) * This has now increased as our experiences have grown, so be sure to take advantage of this benefit. (conservation events are not included in this as experiences*)

Additional Benefits

Subscription to the BCS regular membership which will automatically subscribe you to the member’s e-news letters and you you will receive a membership logo pin-badge

25% off two different experiences and branded merchandise purchased from our gift shop (Limited to one overnight big cat safari/excludes photography days*)

Private visit once a year with up to three guests to bring a picnic and enjoy a day seeing the cats. (You can add hand feeds to this day, at the usual rate of £99 per hand feed)

Invitation to the annual exclusive APEX event at the Sanctuary on Sunday 16th August 2024, 11.30am-3.30pm

Impact reports on our conservation partners and projects

Dental/Veterinary Days

Dental/Veterinary Days

Come along to observe the activities of a dental/veterinary day where we carry out routine health checks as well as dentistry on our big and small cats.  You get to spend the day in our Animal Resource Centre, getting an up-close view and insight into carrying out dentistry on some of the largest teeth on any mammal! This day is not for the fainthearted, watch our specialised vets in action as they carry out tooth extractions, exploratory checks and take the opportunity to do routine health checks including taking blood, monitoring of heart, and inspection of eyes and ears too. The cost of the day is £500, it is often an early start and late finish.

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How APEX supports our four pillars of ethos

  • Welfare
    Your membership helps fund the costs of providing the best possible day to day care of our resident cats. Everything from their food, the construction and maintenance of species specific enclosures and payment of veterinary and dental fees. These are all vital in providing our cats with excellent welfare.
  • Breeding
    The Big Cat Sanctuary are proud to be part of global coordinated breeding programmes. We are actively contributing to the preservation of genetic diversity within captive populations of endangered wild cats who are at risk of extinction. Cubs born at the Sanctuary have moved all around the world including Japan, USA and Europe.
  • Education
    Education plays a key role in helping us to fulfil our mission and four pillars of ethos. We aim to educate and inspire people to care about wild cat conservation. Whether in the form of tours, visits or educational workshops for schools, we believe that learning about endangered species equips us to help protect our wildlife.
  • Conservation
    Your membership at The Big Cat Sanctuary supports over 20 conservation projects across the world. You'll help protect threatened species and their habitats, support local communities, assist in vital research and contribute towards front-line conservation initiatives.

Global conservation charities we support