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A guide to Leopards

Everything you need to know


What is a Leopard?

A leopard is a well known species in the big cat family known for its golden fur and dark spots (rosettes) that cover its body.


How big is a Leopard?

Leopards aren’t as large as other big cats, but they’re by no means small! Male leopards weigh between 80-165lbs and females weigh between 45-135lbs. They will reach 28 inches in height on average.


How strong is a Leopard?

Despite being the smallest of the five big cat species (lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards and snow leopards) the leopard is pound-for-pound the strongest. In fact, a grown leopard is strong enough to carry around 100kg of weight up a tree!


Why does a Leopard have spots?

They have developed spots (or rosettes) over their body to help them camouflage themselves in their surroundings. This might sound strange as you would think that golden fur and dark spots would make them stand out, but this combination of solids and spots break up the overall view of the leopard which makes it easier to blend in.


Where do Leopards live?

Leopards live in Africa and Asia and can be found in countries like China, Russia, Korea and India.


What sound does a Leopard make?

They make a number of different noises including meowing, hissing, grunting and growling. They can even make a sawing noise!


How high can a Leopard jump?

A leopard can reach heights of up to 10 feet when they jump and leap 20 feet forward.


Does the Leopard have a predator?

In the wild a leopard has a number of predators including lions, hyenas, painted dogs and tigers.


What does a Leopard symbolise?

People have connected leopards with spiritualism for a long time, with the belief that it is a symbol of power, confidence, dignity and restraint.


How fast can a Leopard run?

Up to speeds of 35mph.


Why is the Amur Leopard endangered?

Unfortunately the Amur leopard is hunted illegally for parts. There are huge conservation efforts underway to restore the population of this species. Other factors such as habitat loss and loss of prey are also contributing to the low population.


What does a Leopard eat?

Leopards are carnivores and they aren’t fussy eaters! In fact, leopards will often eat anything they can, including:

And more!


What colour is a Leopard?

A leopard has golden fur with brown spots (rosettes) over its body.


What is a baby Leopard called?

A baby leopard is called a cub.

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