Adopt our Jaguar Cub

You can now adopt our beautiful, rare black jaguar cub, along with mum Keira! The adoption will include both individuals in a dual package never before seen at The Big Cat Sanctuary.

This is a perfect opportunity to directly support the welfare of both cub and mother. The funds raised from this adoption pack will directly go into the care and enrichment of this stunning mother and daughter. From inoculations to fresh bedding to food, your donations will ensure the continuation of excellent care for Keira and cub.

Not only will your adoption pack support the welfare of Keira and cub, but it will also help contribute to jaguar conservation projects we partner with. 25% of your donation will go to the frontline of jaguar conservation overseas. These funds are so important as it allows these dedicated teams to continue their amazing work of conserving wild jaguars.

In your adoption pack you will receive:


Our jaguar cub still needs a name! You can have your say in naming our gorgeous baby girl through our naming completion! Choose from Inka, Init and Killari and help support our charity.