Big Cats by Perou

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Maya 9

Acclaimed fashion and portrait photographer, Perou has spent the last year photographing the Big Cats at BCS  “Most people photograph big cats from a distance in  daylight (for good reason) so I decided to enter the lions’  den (literally not metaphorically) and set up a photo studio there to photograph these magnificent animals the same way  I would photograph a rock star or a fashion model.” In this epic display of public work, we will raise awareness of the big cats’ vulnerability in the world and promote the work of the Big Cat Sanctuary. The cats in these pictures are ambassadors for their wild cousins.

Special Edition 1 of 1 Prints of all the pictures below are available in the auction.  Bespoke prints to the size of your choice up to 20 inches on the longest side.  All prints have a starting price of £750.  Please click on your the picture of your choice to place a bid… good luck!

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