Cameo starts at The Big Cat Sanctuary

Cameo is the latest in personalised video messaging and The Big Cat Sanctuary has joined its platform. After a challenging year, our video messages from one of our cats would be the perfect way to lift someone’s spirits. You can choose to get a video message from either Willow the Cheetah or the Maya the Jaguar; perfect for any cat lover! Willow and Maya would love to be a part of your special occasion or message to a loved one. The Big Cat Sanctuary is famous for its beautiful cats and its ability to bring joy to its visitors. Everyone here at the Sanctuary hopes that our Cameos bring you some much needed relief after some very difficult times.


You can get a special personalised message from jaguar sweetheart, Maya! Maya has been a visitor favourite due to her playful and silly nature. She would love to join you on your special occasion!


Willow is famous for her loud and infectious purr! She is often seen enjoying the sunshine and purring away to her heart’s content. One of the most friendly cheetahs you will ever meet, Willow would love to send you a personal message!