Conservation Conversation with PICA

The Big Cat Sanctuary are really excited to be hosting our very first event to raise awareness of the status of the Pallas’s cat. The event will be on Saturday 28th August, online presentations will be given by PICA our trusted conservation partners who are the leading organisation carrying research on the lives and habits this very illusive small cats species.


PICA’s main focus is to advance conservation action for the Pallas’s cat and to build capacity through implementation of the Pallas’s Cat Conservation Strategy and by supporting the global network of the Pallas’s Cat Working Group.

Of the 41 cat species 34 are considered “small cats”, many of which are threatened and lacking in knowledge and conservation action – the Pallas’s cat is no exception. In order to improve our understanding of the species and at the same time enhance the global conservation efforts, the Pallas’s cat International Conservation Alliance (PICA) was established.


Two of PICA’s specialist researchers will talk about the PICA project and the conservation challenges in the wild for the Pallas’s cats and how zoos are helping to support their work. PICA has created four key areas of focus so that targeted action can take place over multiple fronts – Strategic Planning, Education, Research and Field Projects -all these topics will be discussed.


You can either come along to the Sanctuary to support this event or simply purchase an online ticket to watch the presentations remotely. Please do support this event, we will be donating 25% of the proceeds directly to PICA to help with frontline conservation in the field.


You will get hot drinks, cake, a chance to wander the sanctuary to see our awesome cats as well as a chance to win an opportunity to hand feed on of our big cats in an event raffle.

Click on the link HERE to buy your in-person and online tickets. Thank you.