COVID-19 The Big Cat Sanctuary Visitor Notice

The Big Cat Sanctuary is open for business as usual. Please see our visitor notice below on how the site will operate during the Coronavirus.

The Big Cat Sanctuary is open for business as usual.

As we are all aware, the UK is entering into very uncertain times and the outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is currently affecting everyone in some shape or form. We have now held multiple meetings to discuss how we will move forward in the coming few weeks and beyond. Please ensure you read all of the information below to understand our position statement in line with government guidelines to limit non-essential social interaction.


Is The Big Cat Sanctuary still open? 

At this current time, The Big Cat Sanctuary  will remain open as usual due to the limited number of people on site (government guidelines currently suggest no more than 50 people in one room / building at any time).

The Big Cat Sanctuary is a largely open space allowing the recommended social distancing measures to be adhered to.

As a seasonal family business, the winter can be hard enough anyway.  But also as a charity, we rely on income from our visitors to help us feed and care for our animals as well as allowing us to continue providing for our team.

We remain in constant contact with our Zoo Associations and the zoo community sharing precautions and advice.


What is the best way to pay at The Big Cat Sanctuary?

We would encourage all visitors to pay by card as much as possible in order to limit contact between our team members and visitors.


 Am I a vulnerable member of the public?

In accordance with government guidelines, if you are aged 70+, have on-going health problems (chronic lung or heart condition or have diabetes) or are pregnant, the current recommendation is that you should self-isolate for 12 weeks.  If you fall into this category, you may wish to reconsider visiting us at this time.

Upon entering any building / enclosed space, please sanitize your hands upon entry and exit.  Please also ensure you are washing your hands thoroughly anytime that you have come into physical contact with someone.


What should I do if I feel unwell?

If you feel unwell (fever, cough), please do not visit during this time in the best interests of our team, animals and other visitors.


As with any other responsible organisation we review our position on a regular basis to ensure the safety and wellbeing to our staff, animals and visitors on site. If our position changes at all we will update our website and social media accordingly. Please be assured that we are monitoring the nature of this situation closely. If you are visiting The Big Cat Sanctuary, please make sure to follow our guidelines listed below…

We hope that everyone stays safe and puts their health first. Remember to keep calm and positive. Further information will be available as we are made aware.

If you are unable to visit us at this time but would like to support our amazing cats, please visit;