Help us reach our Big Cat Support Fund target!

Thanks to some amazing and generous support we are now almost a third of the way to reaching our Big Cat Support Fund target!  Please help by spreading the word and donating if you can. Thank you!

COVID-19 has dramatically changed how we live our lives. From now working at the dining room table to taking the kids out of school, disruption and new routines face us each day to support our NHS and each other.  The keeper team at The Big Cat Sanctuary are continuing their dedicated hard work to ensure the upkeep of their beautiful cats remains during the pandemic. However, there has been a highly significant decrease in income to the sanctuary. As a result, the sanctuary turns to you, it’s supporters, for help in this desperate and anxious time.

As a fully registered conservation charity, The Big Cat Sanctuary relies on personal big cat experiences, overnight stays and donations to operate. The COVID-19 virus is already having a detrimental effect on the care of our animals and team members. Please consider donating to Big Cat Support Fund to help continue the upkeep of the cats and team taking care of them.


It is always the sanctuary’s priority to keep the cats happy and healthy. It costs the sanctuary around £3,000 a day to operate. This amount covers cost of food, vet treatment, animal husbandry, bedding and the vital team members they need to care for their animals on a daily basis.

A donation of just £5 will give the cats warm straw beds for the night and £15 would cover the costs of looking after a little cat like Nuwara for a day. £40 could pay for a day’s vet care, £100 could feed one of our cats for a week and £500 would cover the weekly water supply for all of them and £1000 provides food for all the cats for a week.


Director of Cats and Conservation, Giles Clarke says: “Our Members and supporters are amazing!  We are all part of a big family that I’m sure will help us get through this together. Thank you for whatever you can give.”

Your support and generosity are crucial now more than ever. Any donations will go directly towards the upkeep of our amazing animals and the operation of the Sanctuary. The cats and team are so grateful.