HRH Princess Eugenie opens Jaguar Breeding Centre

The Big Cat Sanctuary celebrated their 20th Anniversary in style with the opening of the new Jaguar Breeding Centre.


HRH Princess Eugenie, also the Patron of The Big Cat Sanctuary, officially opened up the Jaguar Breeding Centre in September 2020. It was an absolute honour to welcome the Princess and we are so glad she enjoyed her time hand feeding our gorgeous jaguars as well.


HRH Princess Eugenie said, “I am so proud to be Patron of such an incredible organisation. With conservation at the forefront of our minds its important to continue such valuable work. Thank you to you for keeping everything running smoothly and this project launching in the midst of what is a very difficult time. I hope that on my next visit there will be hope for cubs to come!”.


Neron and Keira, our stunning Jaguar couple are the new residents of this purpose built habitat and will continue their amazing love story here whilst contributing to wildlife conservation as a whole. Both Neron and Keira are part of the European Breeding Programme for Endangered Species, which means they would be involved in safe and sustainable breeding of their species.



The new centre has expertly designed separation pens so in the event of a birth, Keira can be settled away to give birth in peace and allow the newborn some space to grow into a healthy cub. This is also handy for when keepers need to separate Neron and Keira for health checks or feeding; all contributing to their welfare. Complete with a new pool, plenty of space for both cats to enjoy time together and apart if needed with amazing off show and on show areas, the new centre will continue to elevate the level of welfare to these cats’ lives.


It is so important to keep captive animal bloodlines healthy and diverse. If the worst happens and wild Jaguars become extinct, wildlife organisations, such as The Big Cat Sanctuary will have a healthy captive population to reintroduce into the wild if it is safe to do so. In this way, we are ensuring that cat species are not lost forever.


Also, it was amazing to share the new habitat with our members and supporters, as well as enjoy the rest of the Sanctuary on our 20th Anniversary celebration weekend. 2020 has been incredibly challenging for everyone and we hoped that a socially distant and COVID-19 responsible celebration at our wonderful Sanctuary would boost positivity for everyone involved. The whole weekend was a massive success for raising funds for the charity and was great to see so many happy faces enjoying a much-needed day out.