Inka the black jaguar moves to Chester Zoo - The Big Cat Sanctuary

Inka the black jaguar moves to Chester Zoo

The Big Cat Sanctuary is proud to share the remarkable journey of Inka, the courageous female black jaguar born at the Sanctuary in 2021 to her loving parents, Keira and Neron. From a young age, Inka’s bold and fearless nature captivated the hearts of all who encountered her. Now, as she prepares to take the next step in her life, Inka is moving to Chester Zoo, where she will continue her incredible story as a companion to their male jaguar, Napo.

Inka has been an amazing ambassador for her species, and has supported front line conservation protecting jaguars in the wild by raising over £16,000 from her hand feeding competition in 2022.

In preparation for the transition, Inka has been crate trained by the sanctuary team. This essential training not only ensures her safety during the journey but also plays a vital role in acclimating her to the crate she will travel in. Crate training is a testament to the Sanctuary’s commitment to Inka’s welfare and happiness, making her move to Chester Zoo as comfortable as possible.

“We feel privileged to have witnessed Inka’s growth and development since her birth. She’s truly a remarkable jaguar with an adventurous spirit,” said Briony Smith, Curator at The Big Cat Sanctuary. “While we’ll miss her dearly, we’re excited for her new life at Chester Zoo and her companionship with Napo.”

Chester Zoo, known for its expertise in animal care and conservation efforts, is eagerly anticipating Inka’s arrival. The zoo’s team is dedicated to providing a welcoming and enriching environment, where Inka and Napo will have the opportunity to form a strong and meaningful bond.

Inka’s departure from The Big Cat Sanctuary is both a poignant moment and a cause for celebration. It reflects the success of the sanctuary’s commitment to nurturing and caring for their animals, ensuring their well-being and future happiness.

Inka’s journey from The Big Cat Sanctuary to Chester Zoo will be documented through our social media platforms and website. Join us in wishing her the very best as she embraces this new chapter!