Our Lockdown Experience: #saveoursanctuary



Lockdown has been an incredibly difficult period for everyone across the UK, and indeed the world.  For establishments such as The Big Cat Sanctuary, lockdown has brought additional pressure. Not only are we trying to keep the charity going, but we also have the added responsibility of ensuring our cats’ health and welfare continue to be the best they can be. For the first time ever, we have had to close our doors to guests. The experiences we deliver which aim to educate our visitors about our cats, their threats in the wild and raise much needed funds to support our Breeding, Welfare, Education and Conservation goals were immediately halted. 

We were truly saddened to see our sanctuary so quiet and empty with both guests and many members of staff no longer working on site. Even though we were closed, our daily expenses of caring for our cats continued, whether it be food, medical care, bedding or even the staff that worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

Thankfully the lockdown rules have relaxed, and we have been fortunate enough to reopen but in a limited capacity.  However, many of our larger events have had to be cancelled and the loss of income is still vast. Should a second wave or another lockdown take place, the future of The Big Cat Sanctuary could be placed in the balance. We are left with no choice but to continue to reach out to our supporters for help in any way they are able to.  

There are so many ways that you can help support The Big Cat Sanctuary. You could donate to our Big Cat Support fund, become a member, adopt a cat or even run your own fundraising campaign! Any help you are able to give no matter how big or small will really make a difference. 

Anything you give will go directly towards ensuring the best possible care for our cats, providing them with everything they need day to day. This will allow us to continue to support the breeding programmes for the many endangered species we hold here as well as still giving financial aid to the charities who continue to implement conservation initiatives to save these species in their natural habitats.  

On behalf of everyone at The Big Cat Sanctuary, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated or supported us over the COVID-19 pandemic, From enrichment, PPE, food or monetary donations we have been blown away by your kindness.