Second Lockdown and The Big Cat Sanctuary

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Saturday 31st October we are sad to confirm that The Big Cat Sanctuary will be temporarily closed from Thursday 5th November 2020. To find out how this affects your bookings or membership please see our website:

Although we understand the second lockdown is necessary, our cats’ welfare is now back in concern. As we remain closed for the next few weeks, with uncertainty for our charity in the air, we ask for our supporters’ generosity and support once again.

When closed to the public, it costs approximately £3,000 a day to keep the Sanctuary afloat and to care for our animals. Not only will this continue but it will almost certainly deplete our emergency funds. It also means our recovery from the first lockdown is now at stake. Everyone here at the Sanctuary was greatly concerned about how the charity would recover from the first lockdown. With the return of our visitors at limited numbers, we began to rebuild our charity and hope for the Sanctuary. However, we were no means out the woods and predicted months, perhaps years to fully recover and operate as usual.

Now, this is true of any establishment that was affected by the lockdown. However, sanctuaries, zoos, and aquariums are responsible for hundreds of animals’ lives. We have a duty of care to your wonderful animals that can only be maintained if we have the funds coming from lodge stays, adoptionsexperiences, on-site purchases, and more. As the second lockdown hits The Big Cat Sanctuary, our route to recovery has paused dramatically.

We turn to our amazing supporters to stand by the Sanctuary and the cats that need your help. By donating to our Big Cat Support Fund, by donating food or enrichment items, by sharing our posts online, you will be part of the future of The Big Cat Sanctuary.

For more info on how you can help us during the second lockdown, please see our Important COVID Update page.