Thats a Wrap for One Zoo Three

Thank-you to everyone who tuned last week to watch CBBC’s ‘One Zoo Three’! It was incredible to see our sister site Paradise Wildlife Park on screen and for Cam, Tyler and Aaron to showcase what Paradise stands for as a zoo and what they do for conservation. We enjoyed a hilarious journey where we saw Cam, Tyler and Aaron share their lives of working and living at their family run zoo.

We are so glad that as well as entertain, ‘One Zoo Three’ was able to educate the UK public on important conservation messages and how zoos and sanctuaries help save our planet’s wildlife. ‘One Zoo Three’ shows two trips where Cam, Tyler and Aaron took to the field to support and deliver funds and equipment to the African wildlife organisations we and Paradise support. Every ticket that is sold, every donation to the charity Zoological Society of Hertfordshire that’s made all goes directly into supporting the charity as well as the multiple wildlife organisations support within the UK and across the world.

Make sure you keep up to date with the boys’ antics and Paradise’s work by following them on: FacebookInstagram and Twitter! What was your favourite moment? Tyler clearing out the tapir pool? Land of the Tigers opening? The boys out in Africa? We would love to know your thoughts!

We hope you enjoyed watching the fun and laughs of ‘One Zoo Three’ as much as we did. If you are interested in visiting Paradise Wildlife Park and maybe even spot Cam, Tyler and Aaron in action, you can book your visit on the website. You can also support the charity and Paradise Wildlife Park by donating to the Animal Support Fund. The colder, less busy months are approaching and they need their amazing visitors’ support to get through this winter. All donating would go towards the direct upkeep of the animals at Paradise Wildlife Park.

If you missed any of the episodes or want to rewatch the hilarious lives of Cam, Tyler and Aaron, please go to BBC iPlayer to catch up