The Big Cat Sanctuary is Re-Opening!

Following the latest Government guidance, we are delighted to announce that The Big Cat Sanctuary reopened on Saturday 4th July.

Welcome Back!

Whilst our Open Days are still postponed, we are delighted to announce that as of Saturday 4th July, the Big Cat Sanctuary will be reopening its gates and welcoming our Lodge and Experience guests back on-site, along with some of our Adopters and Members.

What to expect when you visit – you can see all the details about how we are you ready for you visit on this VIDEO

We must, primarily, consider the health and well-being of our staff, visitors and animals before any decision is taken to reopen, even with government relaxation of lockdown. To ensure the safety of our staff and visitors and to minimise risk, protective screening has been installed at indoor ‘contact’ points.  These include the front reception desk and retail shop counter, as well as between table in our dining areas.

In conjunction, government guidelines on social distancing will be adhered to throughout the Sanctuary. Signage reminding both staff and visitors of social distancing, frequent handwashing and covering mouth if sneezing etc. will continue to be displayed.

Although it is not mandatory, we advise visitors to wear face masks while visiting BCS.  This is only advisory but will help protect our staff, animals and other visitors.

Pinch points will be at the entrance/exit, in the Heritage Lodge restaurant, lounge and coffee area, toilets and the shop.  Therefore, at these areas, signage will be utilised to encourage social distancing to allow safe spaces.

The gift shop has a separate entrance & exit, which is helpful when managing visitor flow through the site.

First aid services will be of course still provided at BCS.  We will assume that all visitors potentially have Covid and could be asymptomatic and therefore staff attending to first aid incidents will wear face mask/face shields/protective apron. There will be a specific team of staff that will adhere to first aid support onsite each day.

General information on reopening The Big Cat Sanctuary

Catering & Dining

 Overnight Guests

 Retail Shop


Safety & PPE around site

All of the above is subject to change due to government guidelines. However, we will keep our plans and procedures updated as and when further information becomes available.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to Big Cat Sanctuary, but if you are unable to actually visit at the moment and would still like to support our amazing animals, please visit:

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!