Whats New at The Big Cat Sanctuary?

There have been new exciting changes being done here at The Big Cat Sanctuary! From habitat upgrades to brand new developments, we have been hard at work to reach our goals of cat conservation and education.

Firstly, Tiny’s enclosure has had a new renovation which looks fantastic! He now has heat mats underneath the rock to keep him nice and warm next to the windows. He is absolutely loving it!

Our new Animal Resource Centre (ARC) is in the works of being built! This new building will include a new vet room, meat room, and staff facilities. We are all very excited! The ARC building is going to be an invaluable resource for the keeping team and staff at The Big Cat Sanctuary. The ARC will have a new meat room which will be a major upgrade from the current facility, making it easier for our keeper team to prepare the daily food for our cats. We will be having new staff offices, which will help to bring the whole BCS team closer together. We will now be having a veterinary centre where our vets can be based when visiting the sanctuary to perform procedures and health checks. There will also be an educational hub for external visits to the Sanctuary, this can be extremely useful for educational/school visits to increase awareness of conservation and the protection of endangered cats.