Adopt Neron

Adopt Neron

Neron was born at ARTIS Zoo, Amsterdam in 2017 and joined us here in Kent in November 2018.
He is our only male Jaguar on-site and one of the three melanistic (black) jaguars we have at the Sanctuary. He is an extraordinarily handsome boy with the unique colouring and markings – it is unusual to have such visible rosettes on a melanistic cat. He is a stocky boy but fondly described as a black bear by the team.

Since joining us his personality has grown and shone through, showing himself to be quite chatty – especially with the keeping team who he will follow into and around the house as they carry out their day-to-day duties.
He is regularly seen in one of his two favourite spots; either inside of his tunnel where you can only see his silhouettes, or laying/sitting up high on his tree trunk with his legs dangling in the sunshine, watching over the activities of the whole sanctuary!

He is a very strong boy and is very good at finding his enrichment meal when it is hidden – even going as far as to move log piles with ease. He has learnt very quickly that hand feeds come in little white buckets and is very gentle when taking them from guests – even using his paw to put the chicken into his mouth.

Neron joined us in the intention that he will participate in global breeding programmes and we hope to have a breeding partner join him in the near future. In the meantime, he is doing a fantastic job as an ambassador for his wild cousins, creating awareness for jaguar conservation

Adopting helps with the cats husbandry, including food and veterinary care when required.

As an adopter you are able to visit on one of the Supporters Afternoons run throughout the year, (one visit per 12 month adoption period); where you will be able to tour our site at your leisure, enjoy talks from the keepers followed by light refreshments. There is also the opportunity of bringing up to 4 guests for a suggested donation of £25 each.