Adopt Koshi & Khumbu the Snow leopard Cubs

Adopt Koshi & Khumbu the Snow leopard cubs

Each of the boys’ characters are already starting to bloom – Khosi the paler boy is much bolder, naughtier and very inquisitive compared to his brother,  Khumbu,  who is darker, more timid and cautious and spends more time sleeping and eating. Still he is often seen enticed into play sessions by his sibling.

This Adoption will help with both of the cubs husbandry, including food and veterinary care when required and 15% of the adoption fee will be donated to The Snow Leopard Trust which aims to protect this endangered cat through community-based conservation projects.

As an adopter you are able to visit on one of the Supporters’ Afternoons run throughout the year, (one visit per 12 month adoption period); where you will be able to tour our site at your leisure, enjoy talks from the keepers followed by light refreshments. There is also the opportunity of bringing up to 4 guests for a suggested donation of £25 each.

We anticipate a large volume of interest and orders for these adoptions so please allow at least 14 days for the delivery of your adoption pack. Thank you.