Adopt Ta’iri

Adopt Ta’iri

Ta’iri was born in a litter of three (3.0) and was the only surviving cub to female Sina at Menagerie du Jardin des Plantes. He came to  The Big Cat Sanctuary at just under two years old. He is a very elusive cat and much prefers to sit and watch both keepers and guests from a high vantage point, where they cannot see him!

Adopting helps with the cats husbandry, including food and veterinary care when required.

As an adopter you are able to visit on one of the Supporters Afternoons run throughout the year, (one visit per 12 month adoption period); where you will be able to tour our site at your leisure, enjoy talks from the keepers followed by light refreshments. There is also the opportunity of bringing up to 4 guests for a suggested donation of £25 each.