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Adopt Sonika

Sonika the Asiatic lioness arrived at the Sanctuary with male Sahee in March 2023, they are currently a non-breeding pair. This fabulous couple are representing their species in captivity and we know they will be incredible ambassadors for the lesser known Asiatic lion sub-species.

The two lions travelled well and settled into their new environment very quickly. Sonika has been a little more reserved so far than Sahee, but this is to be expected. She has already within a week been seen outside relaxing with her partner. The Sanctuary has high hopes for this awesome pair in the future.

As an adopter you will receive a certificate, exciting information pack about your cat and it’s species, bookmark, stickers and posters!¬† You will also be able to visit on one of the Supporters Afternoons¬†run throughout the year, (one visit per 12 month adoption period); where you will be able to tour our site at your leisure, enjoy talks from the keepers followed by light refreshments. There is also the opportunity of bringing up to 3 guests for a cost of ¬£30 each.


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