- The Big Cat Sanctuary


After several years of working with Countrystyle for its waste management, the new partnership has been agreed to drive waste segregation and recycling further as the Sanctuary plans for a more sustainable future. As part of the new partnership, guests and visitors will see the new recycling & recovery drive in action and Countrystyle representatives attending the open days to provide more information about what happens to waste. Countrystyle is proud to offer the zero to landfill alternative for commercial waste management and all waste from the Sanctuary is either segregated to be recycled or used as refuse derived fuel (RDF) at a local Energy from Waste facility.   Refuse derived fuel (RDF) is a fuel produced by sorting and mechanically processing solid general waste. Countrystyle has invested in plant & machinery that involves shredding solid wastes and removing non-combustible materials (e.g. metals). The shredded material is then formed into bales which are wrapped to meet the stringent regulatory requirements for transport and disposal at Energy from Waste facilities in Europe. Countrystyle also delivers processed loose RDF to Wheelabrator UK’s 525,000 tpa EfW plant located adjacent to Countrystyle’s Ridham facility in Kent.   Sending waste material to landfill is increasing in costs and environmental pressures now favour Recycling, Reuse or Recovery solutions. Not all materials are recyclable or are considered too contaminated to be capable to be recycled. In addition, the global need for energy is increasing with non-fossil fuel alternatives being sought to match demand and minimising the impact of global warming. RDF is a part of the solution and diminishes landfill reliance which is why Countrystyle has invested in this technology.   To learn more visit: www.countrystylerecycling.co.uk/our-services/refuse-derived-fuel/  

Commenting about the partnership, Countrystyle’s Marketing Executive Emily said: “The Big cat Sanctuary has always held a place close in the hearts of Countrystyle and its staff. They work hard towards the big cat conservation and we at Countrystyle strive towards promoting conservation and biodiversity in the natural environment. The partnership will enable us to continue our mission to educate the public about the importance of waste segregation and recycling, whilst supporting a fantastic charity.”

Gemma Bailey, Education Officer from The Big Cat Sanctuary who has worked on this project with Countrystyle added: “As a conservation charity, reducing our negative impacts on the environment is of huge importance to us. We are excited to be working with Countrystyle on our waste segregation and recycling initiatives, and proud to be a zero to landfill organisation. Their support in helping us educate our staff on waste management has been invaluable and we are now eager to share this knowledge with our visitors. We are so pleased the team at Countrystyle are assisting us with this mission by attending events at the sanctuary, such as our open days, and look forward to promoting this partnership.’