Responsible Purchasing & Reducing Our Waste

In Our Gift Shop...

  •  Plastic bags are no longer sold onsite. Our gift shop now uses recyclable paper bags made from FSC certified paper.
  • We have removed plastic items from our gift shop including plastic pens, pencils, coasters and magnets. These have now been replaced with bamboo, wood, glass or metal alternatives.
  • We now sell reusable metal drink bottles, encouraging our guests to buy one and refill at water stations onsite.
  • Where possible we are sourcing local products from small businesses.
  • Now stocking Keels eco range ‘Keeleco’ and vastly reducing the number of cuddly toys purchased outside of this range. This is a new 100% recycled range from Keel Toys. These eco-friendly toys are manufactured and stuffed with 100% recycled polyester from plastic waste and weighted with recycled glass beads.

In our kitchen, restaurant and bar...

  • Meat and fish is sourced from our local butchers and fishmongers.
  • We work with a local supplier.
  • A large number of items are made from scratch in our kitchen onsite e.g. sandwiches, scones, sausage rolls and brownies.
  • All fish is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) approved.
  • We are working towards using RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) approved palm oil products only.
  • All drinks, including milk, juices and water, is provided in reusable glass bottles.
  • All plastic straws have been removed and replaced with Vegware straws.
  • Where single use catering items are necessary (for example large events) we use Vegware compostable products. 

In our lodges and cafe...

  • We have removed all single use shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bttles and replaced these with fixed refillable stations in the lodge bathrooms.
  • An onsite laundry facility has been installed to reduce the need for offsite laundry services, removing carbon emissions as a result of travel.
  • We no longer sell bottled water, only cans of water and soft fizzy drinks which can then be recycled onsite.
  • Removal of single use items from our café and restaurant areas, replaced with glass or crockery items instead.
  • Removal of paper towel dispensers from toilets across site and replaced with hand dryers.

Across our grounds...

  • Straw from the cat houses is rotted down and turned into mulch. This organic matter is used for potting up, planting and mulching the beds and borders twice a year.
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood used across site.
  • Chopped down soft plant material, grass and non-cooked food waste from the residential area and kitchen is not incinerated but thrown onto a compost heap.
  • We try and garden as organically as we can; washing up liquid is used to kill large infestations of greenfly, milk is used to treat plant fungal infections, vinegar is used on weeds. Organic slug pellets, wool pellets and copper tape are used to tackle slugs and snails. Where we do use non-organic herbicides (weed killers), all flower heads are removed before spraying to prevent harm to pollinating insects. Mostly, however, weeds are removed by hand.
  • Organic blood, fish and bone is used as a fertilizer across the site in spring and is used every time we plant something new. We are currently making a liquid plant food from nettles.
  • Unwanted black plastic plant trays are taken to Notcutts in Maidstone, a garden centre that takes back black plastic plant products to reuse. All other plastic plant pots are reused year after year.
  • Rain water collection available for the gardening team.
  • Four electric buggies are used onsite by the maintenance, gardening and keeper teams.