29 July, 2017

Today is GLOBAL TIGER DAY! It’s a day dedicated to raising much needed awareness of the plight of our planet’s tigers.

The Big Cat Sanctuary is home to a few tiger residents – all of whom are with us for various different reasons.

We have Nias and Puna – our Sumatran Tigers who have contributed twice to the co-ordinated breeding programs and are now proud grand parents. There is Amasia – our Amur Tiger who was born at the sanctuary, also by EEP recommendation. We also have three retirement cats – Lumpar who retired to us from ZSL London Zoo to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Kent countryside. Lastly, but definitely not least, there is Kushka a hybrid tiger and Narnia a white tiger who both retired to us from circus environments. All these cats live happily and healthily in the care of the keeper team at The Big Cat Sanctuary.

Here’s a few words from our Managing Director and Tiger Specialist Giles Clark explaining the importance of tiger conservation and why we have a moral obligation as a big cat conservation organisation to strive to deliver it. We are working to safeguard a future for this incredible species before it’s too late.

“The tiger is quite possibly the most awe-inspiring and charismatic animal on the planet; but more than that it is a barometer for the health of the environment, often being referred to as the “Guardian of the Forest”.

By saving the tiger, we are effectively protecting the entire ecosystem of which it plays such a vital role. Conserving this beautiful animal is more than just saving a species, it’s safe guarding the future for our children.

The Big Cat Sanctuary’s residents are ambassadors for their wild counterparts and help us generate significant support for in-situ conservation work.”

In honour of #GlobalTigerDay we have been kindly donated an awesome painting of Nias – our Sumatran Tiger by Denise Laurent. We have put this on eBay – so if you love this amazing piece of artwork and would like to support tiger conservation today – follow the link below and make a bid.