Feel Good Factor TV at The Big Cat Sanctuary featuring Heather Small

British singing icon Heather Small presents The Big Cat Sanctuary on Sky Showcase’s new TV series: “Feel Good Factor TV”


Feel Good Factor TV recently launched on Sky Showcase TV Channel 192 and will air for 13 weeks. This is a brand new TV series dedicated to health and wellbeing, featuring a series of short shows designed to inspire and uplift, entertain and educate.


This is perfect viewing as we experience a second lockdown, where morale may be low and the everyday news saturated with doom and gloom.  As we approach the end of a year few will forget and a Christmas no-one can predict. “Feel Good Factor TV” is designed to support a nation through the winter months by offering momentary respite, plus tools for building a better future.


And excitingly we are now able to repeat each episode across The Big Cat Sanctuary’s Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube channels! These will be shown each Wednesday at 6pm from 18th November.


In the show, Heather visits the sanctuary to spend a perfect day meeting our fabulous cats, from Maya the Jaguar, star of BBC’s Big Cats about the house to the most critically endangered big cat, the Amur leopard.


Heather joins the team in their work, learns all about the sanctuary’s Welfare, Breeding, Education, and Conservation programmes, and becomes part of the family.


While we remain closed during the lockdown, we hope that Heather and the team can deliver a healthy dose of hope and happiness into your home.


Make sure to tune in every Saturday and Wednesday for some well deserved “Feel Good Factor TV”.