Spots & Stripes Fundraising - The Big Cat Sanctuary

Spots & Stripes Fundraising

Spots and Stripes Fundraising

Do you want to take part in fundraising for a worthy cause whilst nurturing a sense of social responsibility among your young people?

Then sign up to the Spots and Stripes fundraising initiative for The Big Cat Sanctuary! Schools and other education and youth groups are welcome to participate. Engaging in such a noble cause benefits the participants by fostering teamwork, leadership skills, and a heightened awareness of wildlife conservation. For schools and groups, the added incentive of a 1-hour talk—available in person or virtually, depending on location—provides students with a unique educational experience about big cats and their habitats. As a token of appreciation, participating schools receive a certificate and eye-catching posters to proudly display, showcasing their commitment to wildlife preservation. See below for fundraising ideas and information or email education@thebigcatsanctuary to discuss further on how you can create a meaningful impact for both people and The Big Cat Sanctuary.