Black jaguar cub transformation!

Inka, our gorgeous Black jaguar cub is now 20 weeks old! The team has been capturing her growth week by week over this period. Inka has become an inquisitive and cheeky little girl and is growing in confidence more and more each day! Watching her grow has been a delight for all at the Sanctuary and we did not want our amazing supporters to miss out on her transformation too.


The video shows Inka’s journey over the past 20 weeks, from inside her den to then being outside. She has been getting bigger and stronger week by week. This bold cub has had access to her outdoor enclosure and has shown keepers and guests that she is not afraid of anything. She has been jumping in her pond and to the top of her log platform all by herself.


Keira has been an amazing mum to Inka and has been by Inka’s side at every moment. Keira is such an affectionate cat and spent the majority of the time cleaning and caring for her first-ever cub. She truly has been the all-around perfect mum and we could not be more proud!


We are so excited to watch this little cub grow and become one of the cat ambassadors at the Sanctuary. All our cats represent their wild counterparts and Inka will do an amazing job at representing the very best of the jaguar species. Inka has helped to raise over £10,000 in-situ Jaguar conservation to help protect the species in the wild.


You can watch Inka transform over 20 weeks on YouTube. Click here to watch the video of Inka’s amazing transformation! Be sure to visit the Sanctuary soon to see Inka in real life!