Jaguar Breeding Centre

Here at The Big Cat Sanctuary, we pride ourselves in meeting our four values of welfare, conservation, education and breeding. You can find out more about our core values here. The new Jaguar Breeding Centre is the perfect example of how all four values are met to ensure the future of cat species.


The Jaguar Breeding Centre is a totally bespoke habitat made specially for the safe breeding of cubs. Complete with separation pens and even a pool, we have created the perfect breeding habitat for our beautiful jaguars Neron and Keira.


Neron and Keira have a love story like no other. Neron came to The Big Cat Sanctuary in 2019 from a zoo in Amsterdam and met Keira the following year when she arrived from our sister site Paradise Wildlife Park. Kumal and Kedira are still at the park and you can visit the pair in The Big Cat Territory. The team introduced them in December 2019 and this is where their love story began.


Introducing any species of cats can be a tense moment. However, keepers were relieved to see Neron and Keira getting along and playing together almost immediately. Although Neron sometimes finds Keira’s high energy tiring, they are often seen rolling around and flirting with each other. They seem to be the perfect balance as Neron also has this lovely calming effect on Keira, making her a much more relaxed and chilled out cat. In return, Keira has seemed to bring out Neron’s tender and nurturing side, with lots of cuddles and grooming to be seen!


Head Keeper at The Big Cat Sanctuary, Briony says: “It’s so exciting to see Neron and Keira move into their beautiful new home.  Here, we hope, we will be able to welcome the first ever jaguar cubs born at The Big Cat Sanctuary.  Just like their parents, these cubs would not only be amazing educational ambassadors for the conservation of their species, but would be precious additions to the captive population, helping to safeguard their wild cousins from extinction.”


Neron and Keira’s relationship holds a special place within the world of conservation also. As Briony says, Neron and Keira, and indeed any future cubs, would act as fantastic ambassadors for their wild cousins. The more awareness and love for these cats we can create within the public, the more likely the species safe from extinction. However, if the worst happens and we find wild jaguars to be extinct, Neron and Keira’s cubs would be keeping the captive population of jaguars thriving and healthy. If we have healthy, diverse and sustainable bloodlines within captivity, we can ensure the future of the cat species.


We would love for you to come and see the Jaguar Breeding Centre yourself on one of our tours and cat encounters! For all the details please see our website.