Khumbu, the Snow leopard is starting his new adventure!

This week we are saying farewell to our Snow leopard boy, Khumbu.


Khumbu will be heading to our friends at Twycross Zoo, in Leicestershire and we are confident that he’ll lead a happy and healthy life there.

He will be playing a vital part in the conservation of his species as part of the international breeding programme for Snow leopards and with a female Snow leopard waiting for him there as a breeding partner, we are hoping that he will soon become an amazing father to Snow leopard cubs of his own!

The international breeding programme helps to create a safety net to protect the species in the wild from extinction and where viable to reintroduce them to their natural habitat.

Khumbu and his brother Koshi were born in 2019 to parents Laila and Yarko. Khumbu was always a real mummy’s boy from a young age, often found cuddled up to Laila and staying by her side on their high platforms. Much like his father Yarko, Khumbu is a reserved and quiet cat who is happy in his own company.

He’d often wait for Koshi’s lead when interacting with enrichments, but after seeing his brother having lots of fun, Khumbu would join in too. In November, we moved Khumbu out from mum and dad, giving him the chance to taste the independent life and prepare him for a move to another collection.

The keeper team have also been conducting crate training sessions with Khumbu. This is to be able to get Khumbu into the crate safely and ready for travel without needing to dart him and use anesthetic.

As sad as it is to see one of our cats leave The Big Cat Sanctuary, we know that Khumbu will be in safe hands. We look forward to seeing and sharing the updates from Twycross and hopefully watching Khumbu take the next steps to having a family of his own.

We will give updates on Khumbu’s move to his new home soon. We hope you like the gallery of Khumbu below.