Koshi, the Snow Leopard Move Update

We are happy to see that our previous resident snow leopard Koshi settled in his new home at Highland Wildlife Park.

Although we are sad to see Koshi leave the Sanctuary, his move and role at Highland Wildlife Park are vital for the European Breeding Programme.

After some tentative steps, Koshi was seen to explore and scent mark his new habitat, which are really positive signs. Koshi is now getting used to his new habitat in Scotland.

Keepers at Highland Wildlife Park state that once Koshi is more settled into his new home he will be introduced to Animesh, the beautiful female snow leopard.

We hope that the pair will be very happy together and perhaps produce offspring in the future.

This is so important for the preservation of the snow leopard species. The European Breeding Programme ensures safe, sustainable, and healthy bloodlines to keep diverse within captive animal populations.

If the worst-case scenario of no wild snow leopards left on our planet, the captive populations will mean that the species is not lost entirely.

All our keepers here at The Big Cat Sanctuary are sorry to see Koshi leave but we wish him all the best in his new home!