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OZT Goes Wild in Britain!

Are you ready for a wild and exciting adventure? As part of the BBC’s ‘Wilder Britain’ season release this March, you can now join the Whitnall brothers, Cam, Tyler, and Aaron on CBBC's newest series, OZT Goes Wild in Britain. Taking viewers on a journey across the United Kingdom's most beautiful and remote locations in their electric vehicle to get up close to British wildlife. But this isn't your typical wildlife documentary - OZT Goes Wild in Britain is packed with fun and educational content that will entertain and delight viewers of all ages.

Featuring guests and a studio audience made up of up children, the 5 episodes will showcase stories that look at animals in different habitats and conservation projects across the UK: from woodland to coast and wetland to urban spaces. Cam snorkels with grey seals on the Farne Islands and helps relocate red squirrels in Scotland, Tyler meets bears and wolves in an ancient UK forest and tracks elusive venomous adders, while Aaron witnesses an incredible red kite spectacle in Wales and gives a helping hand to a hedgehog. They’ll discover what is being done to make Britain a safer place for wildlife. The Whitnall brothers will demonstrate a range of top tips, DIY projects, and eco hacks for children and their families to try at home.

With bags of take-home advice to motivate and arm the audience with the knowledge and tools to get involved in conservation wherever they live, this inspiring new 5-part series is an invitation to join Cam, Tyler, Aaron, as a collective movement, to help shape Britain’s wild future.

Watch the new series here!