OZT Goes Wild in Britain

Join the Whitnall brothers (Aaron, Tyler and Cam) as they step outside Paradise Wildlife Park and The Big Cat Sanctuary to travel the length and breadth of Britain in their electric vehicle. See them get up close to British wildlife – past and present, whilst championing conservation projects and re-wilding initiatives across the country.

From locally extinct species like wolves and bears, to those who have suffered catastrophic population losses like hedgehogs, red squirrels, and red kites, they’ll find out about the issues that have caused these animals’ demise: from the rise of agriculture and industrialisation to the spread of our towns and cities. They’ll discover what is being done to help these animals and make Britain a safer place for wildlife and demonstrate smaller projects that you can do at home to help.

Featuring guests and a studio audience made up of up children, this 5 x 22 minute series from True To Nature will feature stories that look at animals in different habitats and conservation projects across the UK; from woodland to coast and wetland to urban spaces. In addition, they will demonstrate a range of top tips, DIY projects, and eco hacks for children and their families to try at home.

OZT Goes Wild in Britain is a 5 x 22 mins series produced by True to Nature Ltd. It was commissioned by Sarah Muller, Head of BBC Children’s Commissioning and Acquisitions, 7+, and the Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Melissa Hardinge and the Executive producer is Wendy Darke.