Sonika and Sahee have arrived at the Sanctuary! - The Big Cat Sanctuary

Sonika and Sahee have arrived at the Sanctuary!

The Big Cat Sanctuary is thrilled to welcome Sahee and Sonika, two magnificent Asiatic lions. They arrived at the Sanctuary on March 3rd 2023, from Bristol Zoo.  The journey to the Sanctuary was quick and stress free as Sonika and Sahee have been receiving crate training to prepare them for the move. These two are the first Asiatic lions to ever live at The Big Cat Sanctuary, who are one of just a few collections to house both African and Asiatic lions.

Their arrival is part of the ‘Project Lion’ initiative, which involves the renovation of the Sanctuary’s lion habitats and supports conservation efforts of both African and Asiatic lions in the wild. Asiatic lions are listed as an endangered species on the IUCN Red List, with only an estimation of 600 remaining in the wild. Here at the sanctuary, we are committed to protecting these majestic creatures and ensuring their survival for future generations.

Sonika and Sahee are both 6 years old. Sonika is born on 25th May 2016 at Cotswold Wildlife Park in the UK and Sahee was born 15th July 2016 in Le Pal in France.

Sahee has already begun exploring his new home, while Sonika was initially reserved. Over the past few days, Sonika has grown in confidence and has begun to explore her new home. Both lions are now enjoying their comfortable surroundings.

Briony Smith, Curator of The Big Cat Sanctuary said, “We are thrilled to welcome Sahee and Sonika to our Sanctuary. Sahee is already exploring his new surroundings and Sonika is becoming more confident each day. Our team is dedicated to providing them with the highest standard of care and we look forward to watching them thrive in their new home.”

You’ll have a chance to meet Sonika and Sahee here at the Sanctuary on one of our many experiences. Dine in our conservatory whilst overlooking Sonika and Sahee on your Overnight lodge Stay. They have been capturing the hearts of our our guests already with their amazing and impressive roars!

We hope you will visit Sahee and Sonika at the Sanctuary soon. We will share updates of the two Asiatic lions on our website and social media channels. New video coming to our YouTube on Sunday so show behind the scenes of their arrival!