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Panthera onca/JaguarNear Threatened

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Maya was born at Wingham Wildlife Park on 11th July.

Her mother was was unable to feed and tend to her needs and within a few days of birth Maya had symptoms of severe dehydration and weakness.  This contributed to the decision to hand rear her.

Maye is growing and developing well; she’s an intelligent, confident and affectionate character.

Jaguars are the largest cat species found within South America. As with the majority of the big cats they are solitary and only really socialize with others for breeding purposes.

Characteristics of a Jaguar.

These all black cats are often incorrectly referred to as black panthers. The coat colouration is very similar to that of a leopard, but there is a difference in the rosettes which in the jaguar have a small black dots in the centre.

Jaguar are also much more heavily built than the leopard with a longer face and much more prominent sagittal crest, giving the head a distinctly pointed top. Unlike many of the other cat species Jaguar are not adverse to water and are actually very good swimmers.

They have the strongest bite of all the big cats, exerting a bite pressure of approximately 1500-2000 pounds per square inch, (depending on source material).

IUCN Red List Category Near Threatened(NT)

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