Snow leopard cuddles captured on CCTV camera goes viral!

At The Big Cat Sanctuary, Snow leopards Laila and Yarko have stolen the hearts of the public by going viral with their nightly cuddles in bed. The video captured on our CCTV camera in their den has amassed over 1.8k shares on Facebook and 80,000 views on Instagram over the weekend.


Laila and Yarko will cuddle, spoon and kiss every single night in bed. Our newly installed CCTV camera has captured their wonderful relationship which we haven’t had a chance to see before. Laila and Yarko are part of the international breeding programme that aims to conserve and protect the genetic bloodline and sustainable population of snow leopards in captivity. The pair were successful in 2019 when they had cubs Koshi and Khumbu. Both boys have now moved onto other collections to be a part of the breeding programme to help protect the species as a whole.

During the day, Laila and Yarko can be rather solitary and are happy to be in their own company. However, when they go to bed, they are all over each other and cannot get enough of one another.

There is hope that in the future the two Snow leopards will be able to breed again to help protect the Snow leopard species. In meantime, these two will be happy living together and cuddling every night.

You are able to Adopt Laila and Yarko and have the chance to visit them on our Adopters Afternoon!